Must-visit destinations in Hanoi within 2 days

Address- Center of Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Address- Center of Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Travel Hanoi 2 days 1 night, so where to go, what to eat is probably the concern of many people who intend to come here. Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, is home to many scenic spots that attract domestic and foreign tourists.

So choosing a place to visit in a short 2 days is not easy. Here are some suggestions for you to choose for your journey.

To do list:
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
Quoc Tu Giam Temple
Sword Lake – Turtle Tower – Ngoc Son Temple
Places around the Old Quarter area

If you have the opportunity to travel to Hanoi, then President Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum is definitely a place you cannot ignore. Mausoleum is the place where President Ho Chi Minh’s body was placed, started construction on September 2, 1973, at Ba Dinh Square.

This is also the place where Uncle Ho read the declaration of independence, giving birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. In order to enter the mausoleum, you need to line up early at Ngoc Ha street area because the number of visitors here is very large.

1. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is a place not to be missed when traveling to Hanoi

President Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum

After visiting the mausoleum, you will have the opportunity to visit Uncle Ho’s stilt house, fish pond. This place holds many memorabilia in Uncle Ho’s life and work. Notably, the area of ​​Uncle Ho floor was restored to the same as the prototype in 1969, after Uncle Ho’s death. Or fish pond area more than 3000 square meters. From the floor, if you want, you can continue to visit One Pillar Pagoda and Ho Chi Minh Museum if you want.

2. Quoc Tu Giam Temple (Temple of Literature)

Address: 58 Quoc Tu Giam, Van Mieu, Dong Da, Hanoi
After the president’s mausoleum, you continue your journey with Van Mieu Quoc Tu Giam. Van Mieu is an architectural work built in 1070, King Ly Thanh Tong’s life. It is considered the first university in Vietnam. From the outside step inside the gate, you will step through the gate of Van Mieu, Dai Trung, Citadel, Gate of Study.

Address: 58 Quoc Tu Giam, Van Mieu, Dong Da, Hanoi
Address: 58 Quoc Tu Giam, Van Mieu, Dong Da, Hanoi

Van Mieu stands out with its ancient beauty and nostalgic features. In Van Mieu there are many different spaces for you to explore. Typical as tombstones area. This is the place where the names of those who have passed the exam successfully passed the exam, were recruited into the palace of the king. Or Khue Van Cac area, with 8-floor square architecture, 8 rooftop and 8 lower roofs.

To visit the Temple of Literature, you must buy tickets at a price of VND 30,000

3. Sword Lake – Turtle Tower – Ngoc Son Temple

Sword Lake - Turtle Tower - Ngoc Son Temple
Address: Center of Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

It will be missing if you travel to Hanoi but you ignore this important place. Sword Lake is considered as the heart of Hanoi. This is a famous freshwater lake with clear blue water associated with the accumulation of sword for the turtle god.

To go to Ngoc Son temple area, you will have to buy a ticket for 30,000 VND. Going inside, the first thing you come across is the image of the Pen Tower, followed by the passing of the Huc Bridge with a characteristic red color. In the temple of Van Xuong Emperor and worship Holy Tran Hung Dao. Especially you will be surprised with the image of the turtle sitting in the glass cage inside the temple.

Also, do not forget to experience Ho Guom walking street. This is the ideal destination for many people on the weekend. Here you will not only experience fascinating cultural spaces and street music, but also participate in folk games such as jumping rope, tug-of-war, eating umbrellas …

4. Hanoi pedestrian street

Address- Center of Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Address- Center of Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Traveling in Hanoi, without the experience of walking through 36 streets, it is a pity. Previously, each street here sold a different item corresponding to the street name, such as Hang Chieu, when selling mats or Hang Ma, they would sell worship and votive items.

Although today, due to changing conditions, people here no longer sell the right products, Hanoi Old Quarter still retains its beauty. Going through the old streets there are so many beautiful places that you must come.

  1. Big church (Nha tho Lon) – Cathedral St Joseph

A large church built at 40 Nha Chung street. The church was built between 1884-1888 by the Catholic Church. Those who travel to Hanoi also want to come here once to see the beauty of this church. The church was built in European Gothic architecture with the statue of the Mother of the Holy Princess in front of the gate.

Cathedral St Joseph
Cathedral St Joseph
  1. Dong Xuan Market: located on Dong Xuan street, this is the biggest market in the old town area. Although it is a market for wholesale trade, this is a very popular tourist destination. Especially in the evening, walking around the old town, shopping for souvenirs or junk food is definitely an unforgettable memory.

7. Opera House: The Opera House is located at 1 Trang Tien, Hanoi. This place is an architectural work for art performance located in the revolutionary square in August. The big theater is a work of combining elements of Greek architecture to interfere with the architecture of the house Paris Opera created a distinct attraction that nowhere else.

Hopefully, the places suggested by Vietnam Original Travel above will help you have a happy 2-day-1-night trip to Hanoi and many interesting experiences.


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